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Activitas Inc. is a niche firm specializing in planning, landscape architecture and athletic facilities. We are focused on design, our clients and meeting the expectations of the modern-day athlete.

Activitas was formed to provide an alternative for private secondary and post secondary academic institutions who are looking for a departure from today’s antiseptic cookie cutter sports fields and off-the-shelf stadiums.

Working hand in hand with our clients, we are focused on creating athletic venues that are well programmed and planned and fit organically within their chosen site. Our projects are detailed to stand the test of time and the scrutiny of discerning spectators, athletes, coaches, officials and administrators.

We also keep in mind that a well designed project is one that can be maintained within the constraints of the client’s human resource limitations and managed within a client’s annual operational budget. The contemplation of ongoing maintenance and life-cycle planning is an integral part of the design process.

Activitas considers relationships vital to the enduring success of the firm and it is our intention to remain a committed partner and resource to our clients and their projects long after the initial event is contested and the final whistle has blown.


when it has to be done right........


  1. (1)Boston College Soccer Facility

Geller Sport

Image: QuackPhoto

  1. (2)Northfield Mount Hermon School

Geller Sport

Image: Northfield Mount Hermon

  1. (3)Harvard Stadium

Geller Sport

Image: Payton Construction

  1. (4)Colby College

Stantec Planning & Landscape Architecture

Image: Northeast Turf